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Have you pictured the Miami beach with those fast sports cars and cool people walking around? The real location is exactly like that with very little changes. A lot of things from the past has been retained that makes it even more appealing for the movie buffs. 
Make sure to check out the five sites which are part of the historic landmarks even if its not part of the plan you picked from Bluelagoon Getaways. They also offer cheap car rentals that you could ride to visit the spots you love.



We picked South Florida primarily for the amazing beach it has and the night life that a lot of my friends keep talking about.
I live in one of the best cities in the country, New York yet I couldn’t say no when I had the chance to visit Florida. We spent hours cruising through the various pubs and the clubs. The group of friends we were with had a blast. Bluelagoon Getaways did their job commendably. Superb night and great trip for us all. Loved it



I am a lone traveller who love to visit places of iconic names and historic interest. South Florida might should like a unique choice but I made the right one, I guess. My decision was authenticated when I landed there and paid a visit to the Miami estates built in the 1900s. 
Just the most amazing and historic place to be for all travel lovers. Bluelagoon Getaways helped me plan by trip. The rentals, the places they suggested and the cost made me really happy. this review is to let everyone know that I am a happy here loved it.



We enjoyed great food, lovely night times at the shopping areas and my family had nothing but good things to say about their services. 
The affordable car rental service further brought down the overall budget, making it easier for me to add more places to my trip. Florida is awesome and our tour operators made sure we enjoyed it to the core.



The tour plan was to visit South Florida and it was definitely awesome as expected. The place had the best beaches I have ever seen. It was filled with trees all around, great cafes and at night the entire streets came to life with so many pubs, karaoke bars. 
I am not sure how I could find some kind of fault because it was a very satisfactory experience as a whole. Bluelagoon Getaways knew everything right from the start and made sure it was well planned till the end of the trip.



Our family had a great holiday trip. Ours was just a two day trip on the Bahamas cruise which also included visiting the dolphins, sharks and some water park activities for the young kids. They had a great time and I loved the assortment of dishes available on board. The plan was well laid out and even though we were a bit tired, I do realized the way Bluelagoon Getaways had planned it all for us. 



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